Postman collection setup

This is an optional guide that will help you use Skyflow's Postman collections. By the end of this guide, you’ll have set up a new Postman collection for a vault.


Before you start,

    Log in to your Skyflow account. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for a free trial account.
      For trial accounts, log in to production accounts, log in to your dedicated sign in URL.
    Complete the Create a vault guide and the API authentication guide.

Set up a Postman collection

Skyflow can automatically generate a Postman collection specific to your vault:

    On the dashboard, click Browse next to your Quickstart vault as shown below.

    Click the API icon and select Postman Collection.


    infoA JSON file will download to your machine. This is the collection you'll upload to Postman.

    Go to Postman, click the Workspaces tab, and select My Workspace as shown below.

    Click Import.

    Click Upload Files or drag and drop the json file into the field.

    Click Import. Once imported, the collection will be added with the name of your vault (for example, “QuickstartVault48748”).


    Click the collection and then click the Authorization tab as shown below.

    Paste the API bearer token into the bearerToken field (refer to the API authentication guide for help generating an API bearer token).

    Click Save.

    infoYou may have to close the right-hand area before the Save button is visible.


Next step

Complete the get started guide to use your new Skyflow Postman collection to make your first API call to Skyflow.

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